Our Purpose

We built Rain for people who want to build amazing things in web3, using the principles that brought us Bitcoin, Ethereum and other permissionless networks and tools. If you are someone who loves to get started building something and support it to grow, change, adapt, react, evolve; then Rain is for you. Rain is web3 lego. Snap pieces together, build something, then snap new pieces together tomorrow and do something new.

Our  Vision

We know that when people really start building, they don’t want limits on their creativity. They want to make the things in their imagination, unconstrained.

Rain doesn’t have customers, it has community. Our users are developers who want to build fast, or creatives who can’t develop at all. Our users want to build launchpads, games, game studios, DAOs or virtual artists, sell land or bootstrap a creative project.

How To Build An Economy

Rain Protocol is a set of building blocks that enable your token economy including staking, vesting, emissions, escrow, order book, verification, sale and membership; either out of the box or configurable by you, pre-audited, permissionless and available on any EVM compatible chain.

Who Is Building With Rain?

We are wherever the web3 visionaries are designing the economies of 2023, 2024, 2025 and beyond.

Public examples include:
DAO Maker, Unix and SL2 Final round guild launchpad
Polinate guild & game asset platform
FF3 film fundraising platform
Polygen decentralised, permissionless launchpad
Terra Virtua prestige programme

Build with Rain

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